Thursday, 14 July 2011

What to do today.....

 I woke up the other day and we were in the flat in town. After saying *hello* to all my friends on intertwitter I was just sitting there and looking at the sun outside. What to do I was thinking.

The assistant was going out for a coffee and something to eat at a place I like too. So I tagged along. It was a good coffee we shared. We sat by the window at the coffee shop and looked at all the people and some dogs too.

The assistant needed to find a shoe rack and I had nothing else to do. So I tagged along. We had a good time looking at the stores in the shopping street. In one store they sold furniture for me. I tried the rocking chair. It was taken, but I really wanted to try it, so I politely asked if I could sit in it too. The other bear said yes. ... but he didn't say much more, so I just left.

The shop has a hamock for me too. I tried it, and it was nice. My friend @henryandfriends have told me that I can't get into one on my own and they can spinn around. This one was fien, but I don't really need one. I have a hanging chair. Their rocking hores was nice, but I think Henrietta would be jealous if I came home with one.

We live right by a childrens bookstore and I like to look in the window there. As you can see the Mumis were on display. I like them. After window shopping at the books store we went home, without a shoe rack and all the things I had tried. We had a nap and woke up happy. It was a good morning.


  1. Although you and the assistant didn't buy anything, it sounds like you had a good day!

  2. You find all the best things, Berkeley! *wave*

  3. Ooh, we love bookstores, bet there are lots of fun books about bears there!

  4. that wos bizzy mornin yoo did av barkly an i glad yoo ad nap arfta. then yoo av lots enjy for th rest of th day.