Saturday, 15 October 2011

My day out with @ThisBear in Edinburgh

 I know I am a lucky little bear because I have friends everywhere I go. The assistant went to Edinburgh last week and I came along to meet my good friend @ThisBear. we have been friends on intertwitter for some time. He came all the way form Glasgow to meet me and show me around.

We met at the Museum of Scotland and a very nice café. It was so really nice to see ThisBear and he looked really good after some grooming the night before, he told me.

He had a gift for me, he is so kind. I had nothing for him and really wish I had been thinking of that when I packed. I think it isn't too late....

There was a gift for me in the bag....
Ooooo....hello Genghis...sooooo cute...oooo
 That Madam had made a little turtle for me and it is called Genghis ... after Genghis Khan. ThisBear told me that all tortoises must have names after powerful and influential creatures.. I guess Genghis was one then. ThisBear is so clever and kind.

Me and Greyfriers Bobby
After we had ahd some nice fool and taked about all sorts of nice things, ThisBear showed me all the animals in the Museum of Scotland. There are really a lot of other stuffed animals there, so it is a great place to go for teddy bears. We left the museum and ThisBear showed me a starue of a dog that lived a long time ago and has a statue becuse it sat on the grave of it's owner for many years. It was a faithful dog I think.

 I had some time on my own too, and missed ThisBear, and saw lots of old buildings. Edinburgh is a very nice city I think. We could wald everywhere and people are friendly there.
It looks like a place where Harry Potter lives, but I didn't see him or any of the others...
I think I will go back soon and meet @Pasikas too. She lives near by, but we didn't meet this time. I might even get on a train next time and go to where ThisBear lives in Glasgow and visit him there. I am sure the assistant will not notice if I slip down to Waverley station and sneak on to a train heading west...
Waverley station is just by the big house in the background...ther are trains to Glasgow and @ThisBear.


  1. oh berkeley wot an egsytin visit too edinburrow!

  2. great day out !!@thisbear was great tour guide !! I think Edinburgh is a very nice city to visit !!

  3. How wonderful that you got to visit ThisBear! I'm glad you enjoyed your trip :-).

  4. What a great blog xxxx U and Bear had a lovely your coat!!!

  5. that wos brillyunt barkly. yoo did meet @thisbear an seed lots of egsytin fings aswel. i fink defnutly nekt time gow on th trane aswel. they is gud for gowin playsis an yoo can see owt of th windo aswel.

  6. I saw a movie about Greyfriars Bobby. I think it's wonderful that the city has a statue of him.

    Thanks for sharing your visit with us.

  7. I'm glad you enjoyed Edinburgh! It's a great city. Amazing to meet @ThisBear and Genghis looks a very interesting, wise and venerable friend!

  8. What nice photos Berkeley! We loved Scotland too. Hope you had a beary good time in the UK!

  9. Ow excitin for you Berkeley. I would like to meet teddy too. He is always so kind to me. I sumetimes send the typist to Scotland and he always wave to Kafleen and Teddy as he goes past