Sunday, 1 July 2012

A weekend by the sea

 I spent the weekend at a beautiful summer cottage by the sea. It was just me, since frank and Bonnie wanted to stay at home and they didn't think the weather was too good.

The summer cottage is on a hill topp over looking the fjord with only a few minutes to the sea and boats and swimming.

It was raining a bit, but I enjoyed the view from the window. When it stopped raining the assistant and the hosts and me went for a walk.

 We walked around the cost line and saw many beautiful spots and had lots of fresh air. It was windy and I asked the assistant to hold me tight so I didn't blow away and end up in the water.
This doggie was really brave and was going out in a little boat in the windy weather.

I like it by the sea and will be back to this lovely spot on a sunny day I hope.


  1. Nice photos!

    Well, I like the sea too!

    Best wishes,

  2. I'm glad you got to enjoy some time by the sea, Berkeley!

  3. It did look very windy Berkeley. i see your scarf flyin about.

  4. that dus be egsytin to be by th see barkly eevun if it dus be abit windy an raynin. i shor it dus be eevun mor bewtiful wen th sun dus be shynin

  5. wot a bootyful view deer berkeley! i doo luff yur summah cottage!