Tuesday, 21 June 2011

I will soon introduce Partick to you...

 We got a new bench in the garden, but that is not Patrick. We got it while Henryandfriends was here and that made me happy that he could see it.

I got Henrietta too and I love her. She is not Patrick. I will introduce you to Patrick soon. He has something to do with Henryandfriends, but I will tell you later what that is.

While you are waiting to learn about Patrick you can have a rest on the bench and cuddle with Henrietta.


  1. That's a very nice bench :-). Maybe someday I'll sit on it with you.

  2. Henriette iz beary nice looking. Purrhaps I will take a lil rest on dat bench fank you.

    *sits on bench*

  3. *sits on new bench.....unwraps sandwhiches*

  4. ello barkly

    the bench dus be bewtiful an i noes ow ard it wos to do. but it dus be grayt for sittin on. yoo can av yor tee ther

  5. A nice bench and beautiful peonies! I do like peonies!

  6. Thank you all for reading my blog and I do like the garden bench myslef. I sit there with Henriettan in the afternoon sun....