Monday, 20 June 2011

Meet Henrietta

Here is Henry, Chuck, me, Bonnie and
Frank (in PJs) greeting Henrietta. 

 I have allways wanted a pet. When Henry (henryandfriends) started with the Hamster Dance at Keepfits I knew a hamster would be good for me. Henry is such a great friend and he got me a hamster. He kept it and traind t, and I named her Herietta.... after Henry. When Henry was here to visit Henriatta came to live with me. I am so happy and I love her. Thank you Henry.
The button reads "I worship my hamster".


  1. Henrietta is just adorable. You two will have so much fun together.

  2. So pawesome! Henrietta looks like a perfect pet for you!

  3. that dus be grayt pisher of yoo an henryetta barkly. i noes yoo dus luv eech uvva alot an wil av lots of fun toogevva.

  4. Ow excitin Berkeley. I di make a new amster frend on twitter yesterday, He duz be called @little_hamey and mebbe you can say ello to him.

  5. Looks like Frank would rather be in bed den meetin Henrietta. I hopes himz nice to ur new pet.