Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Reporting from the strawberry field

 I was checking the strawberry field as I think they should be red now. Henrietta followed me.... We have had one strawberry allready, but I would like to eat many, so I had to check.

I can report that there are many flowers and some berries that have grown quite big. There will be many but not today I think.

I must ask the assistant to cover the field so the birds don't eat them and it is important to keep Henrietta out as well I think.

Henrietta is the best pet a bear cna have but she is a bit naughty sometimes.
The sun is shining on the strawberry patch and everyone is happy.


  1. is gud yoo dus be wochin henryetta barkly cos i fink er dus like th strorbrys. i shor ther wil soon be lots for yoo to eet

  2. That looks luvly Berkeley but like Henry says I fink we haz to keep an eye on Enrietta

  3. I can't wait to see the strawberries once they're all ripe!

  4. Hello Bear Berkeley! We like strawberries too, and Jerry has a garden with lots of beary delicious raspberries. Do you make jam with your berries?

  5. Mr Fox is very jealous of your coat!