Friday, 1 July 2011

We made a bird feeder

I like the little birdies and if I feed them they are here for me to look at all the time. I decided to make the little birdies a restaurant. I got Henrietta to help me, since Frank wanted a nap and Bonnie hadn't got up at all.
Me and Herietta working hard.
We found some scrap wood and here we are working at it.

It is a bit difficult for a bear and a hamster to deal with saws and power tools, so we managed to get the assistant to help us a bit.

After discussing a bit between us we agreed that the bird feeder needed a roof. We have rain here often and if you go to a restaurant and it starts raining you want to sit under the roof I said. Henrietta agreed.

Where are the hungry birds?
The roof was really difficult to make, but we managed. The we hung it in the tree where the birds like to be. The we climbed up and sat waiting for the birds to come. Henrietta nibbled at the seeds, while I tried to be quiet and not scare the birds. One bird came up from behind and when it was going to land it looked straight into Henrietta's huge eyes and was scared.... I think Henrietta is cute... She got a bit upset by the birdie beeing scared by her.

Welcome to Berkeley and Henrietta's Birdie Bistro
We found out that it was better to sit at a distance and wait. I took a pawful of seeds for Herietta to nibble at while we were waiting for the birds to come to our restaurant. We didn't have to wait long.

There are birdies at the restaurant all the time and I have employed the assistant as a waiter.


  1. that dus be brillyunt restront for th berdys barkly. i noes it wil always be bizzy ther. i fink yoo an henryetta wos vverry clevva wiv yor plans.

    wipsa .. yoo dusnt av to let henryetta eet al th foods cos er wil get fat an th berdys wil be ungry

  2. You is a businessbear of the highest kwality Berkeley. I am sure you can open up restaurants all over the werld. I kno our birds would like one

  3. What a wonderful idea to make a restaurant for the birdies! You're so smart, Berkeley :-).