Monday, 4 July 2011

A new friend

 My assistant likes to knit and she is working on a book with lots of knitting in it. When she was out the other day I took a look at her work. Look what I found. Finally she is making something for me again. I haven't got anythng knitted since the scarf...which I love to wear. Now she was knitting woolly trousers for me.

They were a bit big, but then I had room to grow. A lot of chocolate can have that effect on everyone.

I prepared myself to be very plesant surprised when she was going to give me the trousers. I rehearsed infront of the mirror so I would look really really surprised.

When the assistant had finished the knitting I realised my rehearsal was a waist of time because I was really really surprised for real. She had knit a teddy bear.... a teddy bear... oh my...

I am getting to know him now and I like him a lot. His name is Marius and he will be in the knitting book.


  1. Marius is very handsome, but not nearly as handsome as you Berkeley ;-).

  2. o wow barkly .. a reel nittid teddybear .. it dus be amayzin. ello marryus yoo is verry ansum norweejun bear

  3. Hello! Marius has a nice pullover.

    Perhaps Marius wants to see your garden, Berkely.

  4. Oh my, wot a luvvly freind. Ello Marius. I ope you will be appy livin wiv Berkeley