Wednesday, 3 August 2011

My holiday island

I spent my holiday on a beautiful island surraounded by emarald green water and fresh air. It is an Arctic area so we didn't bring swim wear. My island is called Olenils√ły and you can see me looking at it here. It is the big one with some white and some red houses on. Where I was is called Lofoten and it is a lot of small and big islands in the North Sea. If you look to the east you see flat islands and sea, and if you turn around and look to the west you see alpine mountains and sea.
 This is the view from my island. The island in the background is called Sakris island and it has a place where I had waffles and they sell old things there too. I meet a very old teddy who told me about his life in Lofoten and all the fish he had caught. Fishing is the main income in Lofoten, he told me. He said the little cottage we stayed in used to house many fishermen during the cod fishing season. He said they hang the fish to dry and then sell it to the world. People in Italy will soake the fish and eat it. He told me that cod was the best fish to catch as it gave lots of money. I decided I needed to look into the fishing thing.
I found fish kanging to dry. My friend was right. I must admitt that you should be glad that I have no smells on my blog...

 Not only did I find the fish hung to dry, but as a real reporter I went out fishing.  I got the assistant to row us out to a good fishing ground and then I made her fish too... I had a go at the rowing, but it is really really hard work for a little bear. The assistant is really handy to have. She caught two cods and another fish too. As we were aout fishing, we sa a bald eagle, and I wondered what it would have done to a small bear and we went home.

I learnd a lot on my holiday and it is a very beautiful place to be. I hope we will go back soon. I think I like the fresh air and the smell of the sea. We had some good food made from the fish we caught and we had some good wine to go with it. We had some sunshine and the temperatures were right for my scarf. 

Even when the sun was gone it looked magical at my little island.
Here I am looking out over the village of Reine.


  1. Does look so lovely. And how handy to have taken your assistant along to help with things like rowing and protecting a bear like yourself from sea eagles!


  2. Lofoten is very beautiful! Thanks so much for sharing :-).

  3. Wow, what a great adventure you had Berkeley! We love your photos. We're getting ready to go on big trip too!

  4. Oh, Berkeley!

    It does look beautiful.

    Thank you for sharing your adventures. Such an amazing place to report from since most of us will never be fortunate enough to visit.

    Big Hugs


  5. wow barkly that dus be brillyunt playss to gow. i wishd i sed yess wen yoo did arsk me. i likes al th littl eylunds an did look at them on th map.

    fank yoo verry much for sharin yor oliday wiv us.

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  6. What a very magical place !!! lovely pics.Thank you for showing us xxxx