Sunday, 14 August 2011

Our camping trip

We have been out in the forest hiking and camping. The forest is very close to the cottage and the garden. The assistant and her assistnat packed big backpacks with all sorts of things in. I made sure we had chocolate and some nice wine for the trip. Me and Henrietta had told the assistant that we were comming along, and then Bonnie, Franlk wee Wilf and rose wanted to come too. We all went.
After an hour walking we had a little rest by a river.
We had a banana and rested our self. The assistant and her assistant were carrying everething, including us.

Frank tok an intrest in nature that we didn't know he had.

We walked for some more hours and found a very nice place by a lake. Bonnie made us a little bonfire while the assitants put up their tent.  Bonni is very practical and make her self usefull on trips and at home too. Frank likes to rest and enjoy nature. Henrietta said he could lean back on her. I looked after wee Wilf and rose so theyy didn't get lost. They are very little.
When the fire get going we sat an enjoyed life as campers.

Later, when it got darker, the assistants had got their fire going and me and my assistant shared a glass of wine and had some good food too. I like sitting by the camp fire and have good food and drinks. I had wee Wilf and rose n the rucksack backpack (that @henryandfriends made) so I knew where they were all the time.

Here is our camp by the lake.
You can see us in there...
We all slept in the thent and it was really nice. Henrietta found a pocket and said it was her bed. We could hear fish jumping in the lake and a waterfall in the distance. The sun woke us up early. It was lovely. I woke up the others, but Frank wanted to sleep longer.
Here is my bread.

It was really pretty by the lake in the morning. We got the fire back into life and had breakfast. I even got a good cup of tea which I so like in the morning. I hade made a bread the we had for brekfast. Henriettan wanted to go for a swim, but I don't know if she can swim, so I said no.

I was a very nice trip and I am looking forward to our next adventure with tent and sleepingbags in the forest.

Next time I blog I will tell you about my brother Willow and when he visited me. He lives in England.


  1. Wow! I enjoyed it very much to see these camping photos!

  2. oh It was a great trip and love that you ate tasty foods and the nature was beautiful!

  3. What a great time,wonderful pics..I adore your blogxxx Pasihuggs

  4. What a beautiful place. You're so lucky to get to go places like that.

  5. o barkly that dus be brillyunt ware yoo did gow campin. an i cud eer ow kwiut it wos.
    i glad henryetta dint gow swimmin cos i not shor er dus no ow to swim.
    it wos grayt that wee wilf an rose did gow wiv yoo aswel an i noes they is sayf in th bakpak ruksak.
    yor camp fire wos perfekt on th rok an not to big niver.
    i dreems i dus be wiv yoo ther nekt time

  6. That looks a really good camping trip, Berkeley! Your reporting is so good, I felt I was there.

  7. Wow, Berkeley, that looks like a most amazin trip. It look so bootiful and peaceful. I wouldnt mind tryin campin for myself.

  8. What a wondeful trip you had! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself :-).