Friday, 19 August 2011

Willow came to visit me.

I am a relly lucky bear in many ways. I have a big family and they live all over the world. So when Willow came all the way from England to see me we had a wonderfull time. We like much the same things and the days went so fast. Willow is good with the camera and he thought me a thing or two about taking good photos. A reporter should know things like that I think.

Willow checking the apples
Willow came in the summer and stayed nearly a week. We had tea on the lawn and I showed him all the things we grow in the garden. He has an allotment at home in England, and was really interested. I learnd a few things from him too. I am so glad he came and I hope I will see him again soon.

We are having tea in the garden. I wish Willow and I could have tea together every day.  


  1. I fink Willo look juss like you Berkeley. I oep he did enjoy his trip to Norway. He sertunly seem to be enjoyin his tea...

  2. Looks like you had a great time; did you have honey cakes with the tea? We love honey.

  3. How wonderful that Willow came for a visit! I'm glad you enjoyed your time together.

  4. wot brillyunt time yoo an willo did av barkly an willo ad is nise bloo skarf aswel

  5. Lovely pictures of 2 friends enjoying time together!