Friday, 9 September 2011

A day in the kitchen.

 Hello my friends. We have so many tasty apples that I found out that we should make a sticky apple cake with lots of apples and good things. We had eight apples in the baking tray... that is a lot I think. When the apples had been in the owen for a long time, we covered it with puff pastry. I tried to make a portrait of my self on top of the cake, but I don't think it came out looking like me...

We let the cake cool a bit and then turend it out up-side-down, and my portrait was gone.  I had the first tast and I liked it a lot. Since the own was hot the assistant decided to make biscotti. We both like a treat with our tea, so I said it was a good idea. She made gingerbread biscotti and I helped her reading the recipe and I measured out the size of the logs.
I have a box in the kitchen where I sit when I am not helping. Now it is full of the gingerbread biscotti and I have to move every time the assistant wants another one....and another one.

When all the lovely sweet things where done it was dinner time. Since I was so much into cooking I offered to help with dinner too. I have a little sharp knife that I use to cut things with and I jumped down form my biscuit box and helped cutting things.

I enjoyed dinner and even more the sticky apple cake. We still have some left and I was told that today we would have some ice cream to go with it since it is Friday.

Happy weekend to you all.


  1. Yummy! I wish I could come over and have some :-).

  2. That pie looks delicious!! You could invite some other bear pals over to share it with you, hehe.

  3. Mmm, that look like nommy cookin Berkely. One of our apple trees fell down this summer and we gived all the apples away to peeple in our village. I ope they all been enjoyin nice apple cakes too.

  4. o wow barkly them fings did look reeeeeely yummy an i shor i wud like al of them. speshly th appl cayk wiv ise creem .. mmmmmm

    praps we can cook sum fings toogevva wun day

  5. Wow...what a great cook !!! looks great