Monday, 19 September 2011

My weekend in Champange, France

As many of my readers will know, I have just returned form a weekend in the Southern part of the Champange region.

As you can see form my dressing the trip was not stricktly pleasure, I was also there to report on the Champange wine and to make sure we all will have planty of good Champange for the festive season. That is why I wear my reporter coat.

The hotel was really nice and my room was number six. The key was a bit big, but it was better than the plastic cards. The key holder was shaped like a champange cork and I liked that. The village I wisited was really small and quiet, but behind the old sone walls there were liters upon liters of champange being made. More than 30 champange houses were there in the village. 
View from the hotel window
I will write more about the champange very soon.


  1. You always look so handsome in your reporter coat! I can't wait to read all about your trip.

  2. Cool, merci pour les photos. Nous espérons que tu t'es bien amusé en France!

  3. Berkeley, wot a pawsome trip you had. I ope you was not gettin drunk on the champagne dussnt fink it be good for small bears

  4. Great blog !!! what a lovely place to visit xxx

  5. wow barkly .. al them shampayn playsis wos dus be hydin ther. it dus look reely bewtiful wiv al th old bildins. i dus be egsytid to eer mor bowt it