Saturday, 5 November 2011

Last weekend I was out travelling in Norway

 My assistant had a meeting last Friday and since I had been home for such a long time I tagged along.

We went by train for one and a half hour and much of the ride was in pretty landscape with lakes and forest and farm land. I promissed the assistnat not to mention that we nearly didn't catch the train because she did all sorts of things when we should have been on our way to the station.....

I like to travel by train and sit by the window and look out. Our trains are not really fast so it's not difficult to have good looks at the scenery.

Our trip took us to a small town called Hamar. It's inland and my research tells me that there are about 30 000 people living there.

A very nice thing about the town is that all the statues I saw were of animals. I saw pigs, a horse, a bull and some deer. I liked that.
The crest of the town is a bird stuck in a tree. Poor bird, to me it looks like it might be in a bit of pain after hitting the tree.

Hamar was quiet during day time, but at night all the young people came out and we could hear them. The police car told me that the quiet impression was right.... not much to do ...and no need for modern equipment.

It was a nice visit and we left for home form their pretty railway station.


  1. that dus look bewtiful ther barkly an i likes th aminal stattews. i fink th berd wos strechin so ee cud see evrryfing rownd im.

    yoo is gud to keep seekrit an not say that assistunt did neerly mis trayn

  2. What a grand pace to visit...loved the animal statues !!! you are a very good photographer !!! Pasihuggs xx

  3. You are so very lucky to be visitin so many nice places Berkeley. I wish I could travel by train a bit.

  4. Ohhhh little bear!! You are SO cute!!! I wish you could visit me for cuddles!

  5. I love trains so I would have liked your trip very much.


  6. Ohhh! My pal Sullivan would love that pig photo!