Thursday, 24 November 2011

A nice place with my bestist freind

I enjoy the morning sun at the Market Cross in Castle Combe.
 Me and Henry (@henryandfriends) are bestist friends and it is nice to see bestist friends often. So I went to England and Henry and I found a nice place to explore and be together. The place is called Castle Combe and it is really very pretty with old houses and a nice place we stayd at. Pinky (@pinkbunny) might recognise the cross, as the filem Stardust is shot in Castle Combe. I like that film a lot and the town too.
The town didn't have street lights so it was really dark the evening we came. In the morning I woke up by the birds and the sun.

After breakfast we explored the little town. The church was really nice and Henry introduces me to his Welsh dragon friend, since I was going to Wales later. He told me a few words that came in handy in Wales. I learnd that gwely is bed and hufenia is ice cream and paned o de is a cup of tea. He is a clever dragon.
 Exploring is hard work and I got  hungry. There was a table full of freshly made cakes and I had a good look at all of them. It was like magic. Henry droped some coins in a box and gave me a cake... yummy.

The day ended too early I think and we had to take Henry to the train station. I wish he could have come with us to Walses, but the he could not do #keepfits I think, and he had to feed the hamsters too.

On the way to the train station we drow trough Tiddleywink. I think that is the best name of a place and if I ever get really rich I will buy a house in Tiddleywink and live there and have all my friends come and stay. I will have tea and cakes every day in Tiddleywink....

It was so nice to have time with my bestist freind and I hope I can see him again soon. It is good to have friends, bestist and other types too.

Here we cross the Severn Bridge that ends in Wales.

Me and Bonnie and Frank and Henrietta carried on to Wales and I will soon tell you all about our adventures there.


  1. Wot a great time you had Berkeley and you went to places I never been to before. They look pawsome. I can't wait to be readin bowt Waleses too.

  2. What a brilliant looking place you went to Berkeley!

  3. How wonderful, Berkeley! I'm so glad that you and Henry enjoyed your time together!

  4. it wos triffik to see yoo agane barkly an to gow to such a brillyunt villidj. fank yoo my bestist best frend.
    i dint nevva see so menny old owsis al toogevva beefor an it wos grayt we did gow egsplorin toogevva. it wos reely nise in th cherch an i fink we shud sing ims ther nekt time.

  5. wot a luffly blog berkeley nd i doo lyke too see yur adventyahs nd yew seein henry wos beary nise nd i pleesd yew ar bestest furends!

    i doo lyke th name tiddlywink fur a home hehe nd i gets ritch i will cum nd live ther too!

  6. We love the name of that town, Tiddleywink! What a beary great adventure!