Sunday, 11 December 2011

Gift Guide for Pets and Teddies

Buy your gifts in charity shops
It is the time of the year that all  of us are looking for thoughful gifts to give to our friends and pets. I think the best way we can appreciate friendship and love is to tell each other that we care. It can be expressed with a gift, and I have put toghter a gift guide that can inspire you when looking for gifts to pets and stuffed friends like teddies and dragons.  I have picked gifts here that you will not find in the big stores or the high street. You can click on the photo to see where you can get the gift.
Dog treats from Woofy Bubbles

From TrueTreats Pet Bakery
Healthy treats for dogs. I like a pretty wrapping too
The best book in the World

House of Bearmani
From House of Bearmani's 2012 collection

Perfect for picknic gear
Perfect for picknic gear.

A true friend to everyone who receives him... I think..

A well dressed chap.
Some like a bit of catnip for Christmas...
I hope you found some inspiration here. I have bought Christmas present for my humans and hope they will be happy. They know I love them and that is the most important thing.

Oh.... I nearly forgot to mention the perfect gift... food.
If I get this for Christmas I will invite all my friends for a big party.


  1. Lovely choices,Berkeley xxx huggggs

  2. o wow barkly my book dus be ther wiv lots of uvva reely intrestin fings aswel. an i sees rooput bear aswel. i wunda if ee dus be on yor crissmus list .....

  3. Mmmm, lots of great ideas Berkeley. Owever, I justs ay to Santa this year that all I do want is a new heart cos the one I got haz broken. I duissnt need a big one, just a little one wot fit a terrier

  4. H O N E Y ! ! ! We get very excited at the thought of honey, hehe.

  5. Those are wonderful gift ideas, Berkeley!