Tuesday, 20 December 2011

The Pet Poll

I have had a poll here on my page, and now the result is here. I asked you if you wanted a pet.
36 pals replied and this is what I found out:
22% said "Oh, yes"
13% said "no, not really"
25% of you have a pet allready, and
38% of yoe are a pet.

Henry, me and lovely woollies
I think the result is really nice and I think humans are more happy with a pet and I am too. Pets should be treated as a member of a family and treated well in all possible ways.


  1. Wise werds Berkeley, wise werds indeed.

  2. Plush should be be treated well too. Specially teddy bears and dragons and cows. XX

  3. I agree, Berkeley! Pets are a nice addition to the family.

  4. yoo dus be rite bowt that barkly an i noes yoo dus luv henryetta like wun of th famly

    bigg uggs .. henry