Saturday, 31 December 2011

Happy New Year to you all

I hope all of you have had a great Christmas celebration. Mine was really nice. I got many Christmas cards and I got presents too. It made me feel loved and that is a good feeling.

I got lots of hot chocolate and chocolate form my bestist friend Henry. He is @henryandfriends on intertwitter.

Bonnie and Frank and I had a lot of time to relax and play and we like to nap on the sheep rug infront of the fire place. We did that a lot. 
We are napping infront of the fire place.
 We had lot's of cake and chocolate too. There were many parties here and I like that. Bonnie, Frank and me would sit in a corner and enjoy the buss of the happy people. when the guests left I would sneek on to the table and fetch cakes for us.

I tried to sneek awya with the last part of the "kransekake". That is a Norwegian tradition and the cake was twice my size before the guests started to eat it.

The assistnat cought me while I was struggelig to lift the cake and passing it on to Frank on the chair. Bonnie was lined up too. She was on the floor with a bowl that the cake could fall into.
When the assistnat saw me, I pretended to pose for a photo.... I think it worked.

Bonnie, Frank and me and Henrietta would like to thank you all for being our friends and we wish you all a Happy New Year



  1. I just love your blog!!!!! Pictures are beautiful just like u dear friend,Happy New Year with Pasikissses xxxxx

  2. love your pic with the Norwegian sweet, it looks like you have conquered a mountain. happy new year to you all!!!! ��������❤����������

  3. Happy New Year Berkeley! Your Rupert jumper is coming on well.

  4. Happy New Year, Berkeley! That kransekake looks yummy!

  5. What a lovely celebration and great picturs! Happy New Year Berkeley!

  6. that dus be brillyunt wiv al yor pishers barkly an i shor yoo did al injoy th cayks alot. we wishis yoo al th bestist of appy new yeers.

    bigg uggs from us al

  7. Happy nooooo year Berkeley my chum. We is just catchin up wiv blogs after our olidays.

  8. Berkeley you are the cutest bear i have ever seen! Hope you have a wonderful new year!