Monday, 2 January 2012

The start of a new year

Happy New Year my friends. I spent New Years Eve in the forest with my assitant and the man assistant. They had the idea that we should go camping since there were no snow. It was -7C outside, and I tried to talk sense into their human heads. It didn't work. Frank Bonnie and me desided to go with them to make sure they didn't do more silly things.

We packed our sleeping bags and some chocolate and were ready to go.

When we got there the assistnat made a fire and the other put up the tent. Then they went looking for fire wood and Bonnie, Frank and me had some chocolate.
The evening was really dark, but the fire was nice and kept us warm. We had a lovely dinner and some red wine too. We had brought sparkles for midnight, but we didn't stay up that late so I lit them a bit early.

When we woke up in the morning something had happend outside. It was much milder and all white.

Our tent
The assistant got the fire going agani and we looked around at the beautiful white landscape.

When the fire was alive, it was not roaring since the snow was all over, we had breakfast.  I must say the assistants had thought of everything. We had a nice thick pad to sit on so our bums were warm. For breakfast we got fried egg with baked beans and bacon on bread. I was impressed. 

 When the snow comes to cover everything all colours goes away. I think it is pretty in a way. It is fun to be the only colour there.

 After breakfast and playing in the snow, we packed the camp down, I helped organising things. I am really good at that. I sit and look and tell my assistnat where things should go and how to do things. It worked really well.
On our way back to civilization the man assitant made a huge snowball. It was fun and we all had a good laugh as he rolled it along.
Some one else had mad a snow man and I said "hello for you". It was a much better trip than I though it would be and I am glad we had such an unusual start to the new year. I hope you all will find 2012 to be a year that makes you feel good.


  1. Hi Berkeley you is very brave to be outside in such cawld weather. I iz not sure I cud have. Happy new year to u and the assistant

  2. How wonderful that you got some snow on your camping trip! It looks so beautiful. Happy New Year, Berkeley!

  3. yoo wos brayv to gow to th forrist wen it wos reely kold barkly but it wos gud yoo wos ther to mayk shor evrryfing wos alrite.
    th sno dus look verry pritty ther but i glad i dint be in it. yoo did look grayt wiv yor skarf an al th wite evrryware

  4. I can't beleev you did such things berkeley. You are so clever and brave. I would need to be much warmer than that to be appy

  5. We love the photo of you Berkeley with your red scarf sitting in the snowy landscape--it looks like a Christmas card! Enjoy the snow; we're hoping to get some soon!

  6. Hi Berkeley. I gave you an award for your blog. Stop by my blog to see it.

  7. What fantastics pics YAYAYAYAYAYA