Friday, 2 December 2011

I am reporting from Scotland Yard

Many of you will know that I was in England and Wales lately. I was in the capital of England, London, one day too. After I had breakfast I went to Scotland Yard to find out what they do and report to my readers about it. I think they are really busy at New Scotland Yard - it is new beacuse it is not at Scotland Yard any more. It is at 10 Broadway... and that is a narrow street.

People come in in the moring and many had a cup of coffe in their hand. When they sit down to work thay are responsible of a lot of law inforcement in London.

I don't know how many detectives that works there, but if they want to employ a bear with the clothes to go with the job, I am ready and able.


  1. Scotland Yard should definitely employ you! You'd do an excellent job!

  2. You look very like a news reporter for the UK's News At Ten... standing there in front of New Scotland Yard in your trench coat and scarf.

    Now you just have to perfect saying your ultra serious sign-off at the end of your TV news insert...."This Berkeley Bear, New Scotland Yard, for News at Ten".

    The job is yours.

    Love and licks, Winnie

  3. I fink you wud mayk a gud detective

  4. i dus say saym wot winny sed barkly. yoo dus look jus like reeporta ther .. jus like th wuns we see on ower telvishun

  5. Hello my friend. What a great report from the Yard. I think It was exciting saw the cup of coffees and the busy workers. You're lucky bear.

  6. I fink you would make a excellent detective Berkeley. We sure could use your crime fightin expertise over here