Sunday, 27 November 2011

Bears reach the top of Wales

 For those of you that read the last thing I wrote, you know that my adventures were to continue to Wales. We crossed from England into Wales over a big bridge and drowe all the way across Wales to the Irishe Sea. In a nice village called Aberaeron we stayed the night. I like the place we stayed at very much. It had a huge window overlooking the harbour. The bed was good too. After breakfast we had a look around. All the houses had nice colours on them and people were friendly. I didn't meet other bears.

Some colourful houses

We walked on the pebble beach and I found a pebble with a chicken on it.
Here is the pebble with the chicken on it.

After the nice stay in Aberaeron we drow north to the mountains of Wales. In the evening we stoped at Beddgelert and sat in frot of a fire place in a very nice pub and had a good time. The next morning we all prepared our self to make it to the highest peak in Wales, Snowdon.

 We startet our walk in beautiful weather and had two sherpas to carry us and our snacks. Snacks were handy at our stops and the higher up we climbed the more scared Henrietta became. I looked after her and made sure she was safe and warm.

As we reached the top it was not much to see, so I am not sure it was the top of Snowdon. I tried to go to the highes point, and when there were no way up from there, only down again, I think it must have been the top. Henrietta didn't want to get out of her bag at the top, Frank was asleep and Bonnie thought the mist would make her fur go all here I am.

The top of Snowdon ...I think.
Going down again Henrietta cheered up a lot. She gave me a foot massage and talked Frank into going to sleep...that is not very difficult. Bonnie was taken by the beauty of the landscape and we enjoyed looking out over Wales belowe the foggy cloud around the peak.

Where ever we looked in Snowdonia National Park it was really pretty. I must say the roads were narrow and the stone walls seemed to be really close to the side of the car very often, but my driver did well.  We often stoped at places just to look at the scenery and the beauty of the colours and the landscape.
After a long day reaching the top of Snowdon it was nice to relax infront of the fire place before dinner.


  1. What beautiful scenery! I'm so glad you enjoyed Wales.

  2. that dus be abslootly amayzin barkly. i liked th cullud owsis by th see an yoo al did so wel to get rite to th top of th mowntin. speshly henryetta wiv er littl legs. i dint no it wud be so egsytin for yoo an such bewtiful playss aswel

  3. that did look like a very comfy bed Berkely

  4. You haz done amazing fings there Berkeley my tiny chum. Not many peeple get to the top of those mountins, altho I see you had quite a few for company that day. I am glad you all got back safe and sound. It was a good idea to ave your scarf on too I think becos it looked very chilly to me.

  5. We were in Wales too in August! It was beary beautiful and we especially loved all the castles. So glad you're having a bear great time!