Sunday, 5 February 2012

I like it when we all go together

Last time we all went on adventure together we were in Reykjavik, the capital of Iceland. We arrived when it was getting dark and we decided to stay inside the first evening. The assistant went to the out door swiming pool.
We looked out of the window and saw the cooling tanks of the water and the revolving restaurant atop of the tanks.

Iceland is stragen, it has only hot water and must make cold water. They are lucky to have cold weather so they can have some cold water too. The assistant loves all the pools and hot tubs in Iceland. We stay dry.

One day we looked around Reykjavik. It is not so big and we liked it. They have a church that looks like Washington Monument from a distance.
The church is calle Hallgrim's Church and is the tallest building in Iceland. Outside the church is a statue of Leif Eriksson. He discoverd America long time ago and he came from Norway too. He went the opposit direction on me...I can from Canada to Norway (and so did Bonnie and Frank too) and he came from Norway and went to Canada...I think that's where he went...

Leif, me and the talles building in Iceland.
Many of the houses in Reykjavik have nice colours and people have huge cars. Because Iceland have so much heat people don't have to conserv heat, not even in the winter. When we walked down the high street many shops keept the door open... The assistant trued to close it, because we conserve heat in the winter, but they asked her kindly to leave it open.
 Reykjavik is situated by the sea and it is pretty and a bit cold.

In Iceland people make lovely food and nearly everywhere you can find some really really tasty food that is prepared beautifully. The have nice places to sit and have tea and hot chcolate and people are friendly.
It was our first trip to Iceland and I think I will go back one day. Bonnie liked the landscape with the lava formations a lot, and Frank was happy it was much warmer than he had expected. Henrietta was happy to be where the reat of us were.

It was a spectacular trip for us, and we will have to go horse back riding and gourmet dining next time.
Does my bum look cold... I was trying to pretend it wasn't...


  1. wot a luffly visit too iseland deer berkeley - fank yew fur sharin it wif us! i luff th hallgrims churtch cos it looks lyke a rockit!

  2. Wow, what an amazing trip! I didn't know that about Iceland and the heat. So your blog is even educational! Thank you so much! And I can't tell your bum is cold at all in the last picture, you did a great job of pretending it wasn't.

  3. I wud love to go dere. She haz bin 15 years ago but I wud luk to go an she wud lyke to go agen. Looks luk you had grate time

  4. We would love to go to Island! Hopefully some day. Great photos!

  5. I see....they ave a lot of heat in Iceland...spare heat....I'm deffinitly goin there on my olidays

  6. How wonderful! I didn't realize it was so warm in Iceland! I'm so glad you enjoyed yourself.

  7. Hullo! Pleezd to meet yu!
    I cayme over from Jerry an Ben's!
    I enjoyd reedin abowt yor travels.
    I'd like to go to Iceland.
    So wud Mummy.
    Daddy went a long time ago but that's befor he met Mummy an befor they adoptid me.

    Re yor cold bum- I find it handy to allways carry a small plastik bag foldid up in yor coat pokkit. Yu can yews this to sit on if it's cold. Yu can also yews it for carrying stuff as yu never now wen yu will come across an intrestin shaped stone, for exampol.

    1. Thank you for the very good advise B.T Bear (Esq.)

  8. A Beary Happy Valentine's Day Berkeley!

  9. that wos mayzin trip for yoo barkly. i showd th pishers to cj an sam cos they did gow ther long time ago. they sed it wos ot eevun wen it wos kold wiv lots of sno

  10. What a fabulous blog and I love the pictures,especially the one on the snow,brrrrrrrr