Wednesday, 29 February 2012

Spring in Spain

Can you see that we are all together in Barcelona? We walked up the Passeig de Gracia and needed to rest on one of the beautiful benches. Frank had a nap.

I had been to Barcelona before so I guided Bonnie and Frank around town. I also had to report, so it was really busy being me.

The first place I showed my siblings was the market where they sell chocolate and more chocolate... and some other food too.
At the market they sell eggs too and that made me think about my late friend Pru. Pru was a hen that lived in England. She had a long and happy life. I am glad i got to know her.

Our hotel in the back ground.
People like the marked and I think everyone bacame happy when they saw the chocolate.

Me at the hotel roof terrace

 Barcelona is known for it's famous designers and architects. They did so many strange things and the most strange of all is the big chathedral La Sagrada Familia. It was started over 100 years ago and is still not finished. It was a man called Gaudi that started the work and made all the drawings that they work after now. Gaudi was very unlucky and was hit by a street tram when he was young. I wonder if he would have like the way his cathedral is looking now...

Many people visit the chathedral and all were amazed I think.

After several days in Barcelona I could hang my reporter coat on the wall and take a , if I may say so myself, well deserved break and a coffe and cake.


  1. What a lovely blog, Berkeley! I would like to visit Barcelona myself.

    Pru would have been very excited to know that you have been to Barcelona. And of course I shall tell all our hens about your adventures when I feed them in the morning. They will be very excited.

    1. Thank you Tim. Pru is often in my thoughts...

  2. It looks like Barcelona was lots of fun! I think the cathedral is beautiful!

  3. An excellent report,Berkeley. All that chocolate, wow! Yum, maybe I should visit Barcelona too?,


  4. Wow! What an amazing trip! You definitely deserve a break after being a tour guide AND a reporter. Gaudi's Cathedral is incredible in your picture, I can't imagine what it must've been like to see it in person. Great reporting, Berkeley!

  5. i dint no al them fings bowt barslowna barkly so fank yoo for sayin me. i fink th choklit an cayk looks grayt. did yoo tayk sum ome aswel. an i likes th kafeedrul aswel. it dus be mayzin up in th roof

  6. Thats a pawsome trip you had Berkeley. My familee been to Barcelona and they still talk aboyt the coffee and cakes they ad for brekkfast there. They dint see the chokklit tho so now the typist is cross and sayin he ave to go back wun day...

  7. Aaaaaah Barcelona,I adored it when I visited.Superb pics as ever...oh and those chocs !!!!1

  8. Wunderful photografs and egsellent reporting Berkeley!Ey fink Gaudi woold approve - its bootifully organic and wierd, just like nature can be! Fanks fur sharing! Huuggs xx

  9. Oh, that must be BoquerĂ­a market. Even living in Spain I only was once but it is really a lovely city. Thanks for the report. I am really proud of you.