Friday, 23 March 2012

Pals in Africa

Can you see the elephant?
Hello dear readers and friends. Many of you know that I have been to Africa reacently. I was in Zambia and in Malawi. It was a long flight, but I have short legs and don't mind the lack of space that so many humans feel.

In Zambia we were driving from one town to another and on the way we saw elephants. At first it was difficult to see them, but when I knew what I was looking for, I saw six of them.  The first one I saw was dark grey and then the others were lighter grey.

A beautiful buck.
I saw other animals too, but I don't know the name of them all. One was a beautiful buck. I saw many of them, but we got a beautiful picture of one.

More elephants.
Monkeys crossing the road

I saw zebras too and many beautiful birds. It was really interesting and I think I want to go on safari one day.

In Malawi I didn't see so many animals, but I saw a baboon. He was climbing trees and playing on the roof of our hotel at Lake Malawi. The assistant was too slow to take his picture, and I hope you can forgive her.

I will write more about Africa soon.


  1. Thank you so much for sharing your pictures from Africa, Berkeley!

  2. Wow, you saw Kolo Martin in Africa!! He never said he was join too.....funny baboon. It looks lovely tho. I fink seein the ellyfants was very excitin..

    1. I didn't see the elephants at first. I think you need a trained eye to spot them. The light gray once I saw easily.

  3. oooooo barkly that dus be so egsytin to see yor pishers. i seed th ellyfunts. they dus be luvvly aminals. i lookin forwud to see mor bowt yor trip to afrika

  4. Berkeley you met one of my relatives! Those monkeys crossing the road look like baboons to me as well. They not good at road safety!4

  5. Great blog and what an adventure !!! good to have u back...Pasihuggggs

  6. We've never been to Africa, but it looks like a great place! Did you see any Giraffes? Ben loves Giraffes.