Sunday, 29 April 2012

Thank you, my friends

It is my birthday today. And I have had a good day. I got many greetings from my friends, which are all of you. And I got a present from by bestist friend which is Henry @henryandfriends. I got chocolate and I got bag for buying cakes which folds up into a cupcake. I gave Bonnie and Frank the box my gifts came in and they had a nice time too.

Since it was the assistant's birthday too, we shared a nice meal and had some champagne. You all know I low champagne. I also love chocolate. And the assistant had some Belgian chocolate truffles. I just dived in and got my ears covered in cocoa powder. 

We were at the summer cottage. Henrietta and Bonnie picked some flowers for us to have on the dinner table. I am so glad that flowers are back after the winter.

That is a good birthday, I think.


  1. Happy burfdee Berkeley. I send you speshul wishes from me an Lola an Clapton and ope you be havin a great day to sellybrate. Woof

  2. Sounds like you and the assistant had a wonderful birthday! I'm so happy for you :-).

  3. that wos a grayt berfday barkly an i glad yoo liked yor choklit bars. i fink it dus be ard finkin wot wun to eet ferst .. an nekt .. an th wun arfta. an soon we fil up th cayk bag aswel ... mmm yummy

  4. That sounds like a wonderful birthday!