Saturday, 2 June 2012

Congratulations to Her Majesty

As some of you know, I was borne in Canada and that makes me a loyal subject to Her Majesty Queen Elisabeth II. I was in London last week and could take in all the preparations for the Diamond Jubilee that takes part this weekend. I was with the assistant, and she had to go home to Norway, where I live now, before the celebrations and jubilations. Oh well.

The really good thing with me going to London is to meet my friends. I have a good friend that is a Norwegian moose that moved to London last summer. We met at the Tower Bridge for a nice chat in the sun. Chuck the moose likes it in England, but he misses the big forests sometimes he told me.
My friend Chuck and me.

I alos had time to spend an after noon with Henry (@henryandfriends). It was really nice to see him again so soon. He was in Norway only a week earlier and it felt like we were living very close to eatch other and just met up for a trip to Hamley's.

We had a really good time and looked at all the flags and spent some time in the big toy store. I was affraid someone would try to buy me....

Outside again I found a lovely chocolate store, and admired all the special Diamond Jubilee chocolates in pretty boxes. The assistant said it was too hot to buy chocolate as it would melt before we got back to the hotel. I think that would not have been a problem if we had eaten it right after we bought it....

All of London was full of flags and preparations for the big jubilee party. As we were walking across Trafalgar Square I heard some horses... it was the Royal Horseguard out practising I think. We didn't see them up close, but they looked splendid I think. The horses were really good, because it was hot and lot of traffic too.
I had the assitant take a photo of me at Trafalgar Square by one of the big lions. I hope you can see me there... I felt small in some ways...and that a man was staring down at me from high abow. I thought it was the heat that made me feeling strange... but the assistnat told me later that about 200 feet above where I sat was a man called Admiral Nelson... I hope he desen't fall down...

I had a really good time in London and I hope the Queen will have the same too. I think it will be a great celebration and that the people are happy.


  1. Beary beautiful photos Berkeley! We've been watching some tv reports about the Jubilee, and we're celebrating by having honey on our English toasted muffins this morning!

  2. that did bring bak al th appy memrys barkly. it wos grayt fun to be wiv yoo in lundun an i glad yoo seed sum of th joobillee preprayshuns an that th sun did shyn for yoo aswel.

  3. Brilliant blog post. Made me smile, I loved seeing all my old haunts! I am So gla dyou had a great time.

  4. We went to London last year. It's a big place, isn't it?

  5. Wow, you was so close to us my pal. I am glad you enjoyed your trip to London and we ope to welcome you bak again soon.

  6. GruffHello there Berkeley! I have come a paw plodding over from Eldritch the Dragons (can't believe I am saying that, I have only recently met them - a dragon! wowzers) - anyhow I noted some death defying feats there of you hanging on the flag pole and thought, I gotta come here again and see you soon just to check that you are ok! love Barnie x

  7. I so enjoyed this post but forgot to comment !!! silly me

  8. I love London (especially Tate Britain and Tate Modern) and I admire the sense of duty, the enthusiasm and the sense of humour of Queen Elizabeth II .