Friday, 15 June 2012

My trip to Hell

I think a lot of you, my friends, were a bit surpriced when i told you I was going to Hell. I do not think you know me as a bear that swears. I am an optimistic bear too, so I have never though of Hell much.

That was until last weekend when the assistant was going to a meeting...that turned out to be in Hell. I could not resist the temptation to go there. As I was not really sure how it would be like, and knowing the assistant would be in meetings, I asked Genghiz if he liked to come to. He did.
 Hell Hotel was very nice and the food was excellent.
The view from the hotel was beautiful too. We had a really good time.

I guess that most shoppers would not be impressed with Hell Shopping Center. For me it was all I needed. They had some very good soft ice cream there. 

Hell is a much nicer place than I thought it would be. People were nice and happy. I wonder how Paradise or Heaven must be like when Hell is so nice.


  1. i dint no el wos so nise barkly an i finks yoo wos lukky to av ise creem ther. wipsa .. it dus stil mayk me larf abit to fink bowt yoo gowin to el

  2. Hell looks fabbo !!!!! u take such wonderful pics Berkely...sooo professional

  3. I expected it to be much more firey than that!

  4. hehe wot a beary gud trip berkeley *hug hug* fank yew fur sharing th pikjahs :-)

  5. I loved it to see the photos and to read about this place. What a funny name for a hotel!

    Best wishes,

  6. MyShe says dat place wiff ice cream has to be a wee of heaven in Hell. Great story.


  7. I fink someone ave been tellin some fibs about Hell all these years my pal. Fanks for bringin the troof to our atenshun.