Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Visit to a friend that doesn't get around very much

When I was in London last week I visited a freind of mine. I know him from intertwitter and he is really nice. He is a stone, the only stone I know. It was really nice to see him and he had told me that not many stop to say hello. I think they should.

He has been in the City of London a very long time and you can meet him on Cannon Street. You can read more about him here.

 You can also read about him on a plaque that is on his house. He can only speak on intertwitter, like many of my other friends there.

I felt a bit sorry for him since I like to travel and he only moved a few times in 1000 years I think. And he didn't move far either. Just some yards to give way to traffic. He seemed happy when we met.

If you think you can like a stone, like I do, you can follow The London Stone on intertwitter. @thelondonstone


  1. How nice of you to visit the London Stone, Berkeley! You're such a good friend!

  2. Yaya...my favourite reporter is back !!! great story and pics.Pasihugggs xx

  3. Wow! I would like to visit the London Stone too!

    I loved to read your report!

  4. I had no idea the stone was lonely. I'll go see him next time I'm in London.

  5. oh thats fassinaytin deer berkeley i dint kno anyfin abowt th lundun stone nd how nise that yew did gow nd see him nd hee has twittah now too let him chat moor!

  6. i dint no th stone verry wel beefor barkly so fank yoo for rytin bowt im an i wil follo aswel ...

  7. Great reporting! You've made me want to visit the stone too. Do I need to make an appointment, or does he accept casual callers? Your pic at the top of the blog made me feel giddy. You are sooo high up!!!! Tiddy x

    1. I think he is very happy if you just stop by...He is not the formal type I think.

  8. Well done Berkeley. I never knew abotu dat stone before but we shall look for him next time we are in the City.

  9. I did not know the legend of the stone of London .... a very interesting story, if I were to make a trip to England to see her I'd run through
    thanks Bear Berkley..