Saturday, 22 September 2012

A day out in St Albans

When I wisited England a week ago Henry (@henryandfriends) and I had a day out in St Albans. We planned it really well so we could have little walks and long cake breakes.

Henry had prepared and we had maps and walking tours to study before we left.

St Albans is a very old town and I even think it is a chathedral city...since it has a cathedral. We went inside and it was really huge...huge huge.

After the cathedral we needed some cakes and we only had to do a little walk to get to the kind of place we wanted.

We were not the first visitors to St Albans it turned out. The Romans had been there really many years ago. The way one could tell that they had been there is that they made beautiful floors with under floor heating that was called ...hy-po-caust...hypocuast....I think.... You can ask Henry about this, he is clever with things like that.

The romans didn't call St Albans St Albans... they called it Veru-lam-ium...Verulamium...I wonder how they came up with that's a pitty theye were not around any longer so we could ask. 

St Albans is really pretty and it has a huge lake with lots of birds. Henry and I watched the birds for a while, but then it started to rain and we had pancakes.

If we had stayed until the weekend we could have taken part in the  Mammoth Onion Judging Competition, but we had to leave and besides, we had no mommoth onions.

On the way back we passed trough the willage of Tyttenhanger. I wanted to make a stop there because I think it was a good name. Henry, being a native, was patient with me and  we had our picture taken on top of the sign. Tyttenhanger is a good name, but Tiddlywink is my favourite village name.

After a lovely tea and cake stop at nice garden center we went home. It was a really nice day I think.


  1. it wos grayt day owt barkly an it wos a shaym we dint see no romuns to tork to. but we did av grayt cayks an fings. an it dint reely matta bowt th ooooj unyuns ennyway

  2. You did have a great day out! I've never been to St Albans ot looks very nice. If you want to meet Romans come back to my island we have lots of roman things so they must be here I think!

  3. Oh I love to see you nd Henry,visiting.It looks a beautiful place ro see and cayks too,yayayayaya

  4. we go to st albans sumtimes berkeley......its a most pawsome town....glad you got chance to see it....

  5. beautiful photos Berkley Bear, St.Albany that quiet town, is the desire to visit ....

  6. We have not been there yet, but we would like to visit St Albans on our next trip to England!

    Also, Ben and Jerry have a special announcement on their blog!