Sunday, 14 October 2012

Autumn by the sea

This weekend I have been by the sea and then to the summer cottage. Our by the sea side is a lot of little islands and rocks. We arrived at the cabin in the after noon and it was lovely sunset.  it is the same cabin I went to in June, but now things looked very different.

After it got dark we had crabs and white wine and a lovely time around the table. I like that a lot.

Next day we went for a walk. The landscape is up and down over small boulders and it is lots of nice places.

 It was cold but the sun still have some warmth in it. We climbed around and sat and looked at the sea. It was a really good time and I like it by the sea. I was glad I had my scarf....
The assistant took some pictures and I think she was quite lucky with them.

We saw some beautiful swans that wanted some fresh water and came to the beach to drink from a little stream.

I think we had a great time and did a lot of relaxing and was outside a lot and had nice time inside with food and playing cards.


  1. I do like your photos (the sea, the rocks, the swans ...)!

    Nice photos!

  2. what a wonderful place, that beautiful island ..... beautiful picture of swans ....

  3. them dus be bewtiful pishers barkly an it dus look verry nise playss to be i finks. i nevva fort bowt th swons needin to av fresh warta ..

  4. What a lovely break you had. It looks like a very beautiful place.

  5. That was a very nice break Berkeley. You ave a bootiful country to live in.

  6. The picture are wonderful as ever...such a peaceful place

  7. Beary nice photos! We love the sea too, but since we live in the middle of the continent, we don't get to see it very often. When we do, we like to swim in the ocean and build sand castles.