Wednesday, 19 December 2012

New Zealand is a bear haven

 Hello friends. This is Bear Berkeley reporting from New Zealand. It is a country of 5 millions people and many many millions sheep. It has a lot of cows and bulls too and lots of dogs. I think it is a anipal friendly country. It is beautiful and has become to home of the Hobbits...that are not to unlike theddy bears...

In New Zealand I met some of my intertwitter friends. Marjorie @whskr met me in Welligton and showed me and Bonnie and Frank her town. We had a great time with here and she is so nice and true friend.She tool us on the cable car to see the city and she showed us the statue of John Plimmer and his nice dog Fritz.

The day we visiteded Welliongton was the day after the VIP premier for the Hobbit movie. It was at the Embassy Theater that Sir Peter Jackson made. I was one day late for the red carpet....

From Wellington and the North Island we crossed the Cook Strait and arrived at the Sout Island.

New Zealand is beautiful. Some places looks like home (Norway) but the climate is so much better. They grow vines and make lovely wine in many places. Some of you know that I like my wine...

 In Dunedin I met another friend of mine Baxter @Baxter_man. He was really excited to see me and Bonnie and Frank and he wanted to play all the time. His Ma had made a lovely dinner for us and we had a woderful time and didn't want to leave.

I made some new friends too. The little blue penguines are my knid of birds ( in addition to my friend @KillerParrot and @Perkey_penguin). They are out fishing all day and comes home at sun set. They are much better in the sea than on land, and I admire them for making the best of thing on shore too.
I had the oportunity to taste a lot of good wine and meet wine makers. All the wineyards are very bear friendly and the assistant was happy too. I also met the yellow eyed penguin and they are struggelig to find quiet places where people do not disturbe them.

New Zealand is a wonderful place with much nature and beauty. I hope the people there will look after the birds and animals and keep it a beautiful place. Maybe the Hobbits can help them...


  1. that dus be so egsytin barkly an egstra speshul to meet frends. i finks new zeelund dus be like norway aswel .. wipsa .. but is betta cos it dus be warma an they gro th wine aswel

  2. Beautiful photos! We can't wait to see the Hobbit. Happy Holidays!

  3. Crikey, what a grrreat time you be having, Berkeley ... meeting furiends and getting to see New Zealand - hope you get to meet a hobbit !

  4. Oh Berkeley I do bbe so jellus you gots to meet Baxter. I sure wish I had had the chnace to do that. His home town seem a pawsome place. Woof