Wednesday, 9 January 2013

Such a lovely trip for a bear like me

I am back in Norway now and I Bonnie, Frank and I are talking all the time about our wonderful adventures. There are many photos and many more good memories. I will share some more here with you my friends.

In New Zealand we visited the capital Wellington and took the cable care. We all liked the cable car a lot. At the top the view was nice and even Frank wanted to have a good look. It was our lovely friend Marjorie @whskr that showed us Wellington. She is really nice. 

All things in Wellington was about Hobbits and even the coffee place looked a bit strange.

We left Wellington and the North Island behind the next day and took the ferry to the South Island.
 On the South Island we had a really good time and the assistant soaked in a mineral spa a whole day and looked like a raisin.... We were in beautiful Queenstown, and it looks like home.

As I told you before I meet my friend Baxter @Baxter_man, but it was so nice so I must say it again. He was wearing his tie too since he had visitors.

 We saw penguins. Little blue and Yellow eyed penguins. I like than so much. In the Antartica Centre in Christchurch there are some little blue ones that can not look after them self in the wild. One is afraid of water....

On our last day in New Zealand we went for a walk on the beach. I love the beaches in New Zealand, they are so empty and beautiful and I like it there. I like all of New Zealand.


  1. New Zealand is a beautiful place! I'm so glad you enjoyed your trip!

  2. Wow!!! These photos are wonderful!
    What a lovely journey!

  3. it dus be mayzin jerny yoo did barkly an is grayt we is aybl to see pishers an share wiv yoo. fank yoo

  4. These picrures are so good...what a wonderful place to visit !!!! thank you so much for showing us xx

  5. Wow, you gots to meet an Claptun do be very jellus Berkeley.....we are glad you are home safe though my chum

  6. Your scarf and coat look great! that boat trip looks like it was beary fun!