Sunday, 7 April 2013

Winter is still alive in the mountains

Hello friends. I have been out and about this weekend and we went to the mountains to go skiing. It is strange with the Norwegians; when snow melts in the spring they flock to the mountains to find more snow.....

On the way we stopped at a very old church called Heddal.  It is from the beginning of 1200...that is older than the assistant.  It is a type of churches called stave church. This one is the biggest one in Norway and I wanted to share some photos with you. It has carved decorations along the doors and it is all made of wood. I think it looks really nice.

 After the stop at the church we continued up into the mountains so the assistant could go cross country skiing again. I was in the bag pack and that was bestist for me. It looks beautiful in the mountains when all is covered in white snow and the sun is shining and you can see peaks far far away.

All though there was a lot of snow left I found a bit of moss to sit on when we had a break.
 I could see miles and miles of mountain form my little bare spot.

I made this little greeting to my friend Henry (@henryandfriends) in the snow. It is really big, but that is not so easy to see.

There were other humans and some dogs out and everyone was happy.


  1. the beautiful wooden cathedral ..... that suggestive images, the snow is melting .... never seen such in my country are never made ​​of wood ..

  2. What an amazing set of photos my lookin very bootiful indeed.....that church is pretty amazin....ow do they keep it lookin so nice?

  3. Yayyaya I love your adventures ...that church is truly beautiful with the carvings xx I could feel the brrrrrrrrrrrr when u were sitting on the moss...lucky u to have fur xx

  4. o barkly that cherch dus be verry bewtiful. th mowntins dus look verry nise an i finks yoo wos brayv to sit on th kold grownd.

    that wos mayzin yoo did ryt my naym in th sno an no wun dint nevva do that beefor. fank yoo

    bigg uggs from Henry

  5. The wooden church is so beautiful! Thank you for showing it to us. Whoever did the carving on that church was a very talented artist.

  6. Wow! That's a beautiful old church! And I love the landscape!

    And again: Wow! "Henry" is written in the snow!