Saturday, 2 March 2013

Report from the winter woods

 Hello friends. Here is my report from our ski trip in the woods. Our destination was a cabin in the forest outside Oslo - where I live. We got up in the morning and the city was covered in fog. I thought it would be better to stay at home.... Then we got on the subway and as soon as we started to climb the hill we came above the fog and it was sun. At the end of the subway line starts the forest and ski tracks. It was so lovely and sunny and even a bit warm. There are lots of cabins to stop at and have some home made sweet buns and hot chocolate. Not to exhaust our self we stopped at the first one ....that was after 20 minutes skiing..

This particular cabin is at the foot of a down hill slope and I sat outside and watched the skiers and enjoyed the bun and the sun.

... then I skied on.....

We had another stop after an hour but no one wanted a bun at that cabin since we were skiing and it is not nice to be too full when you ski. We had some water and sat down in the sun.

We arrived at our cabin long before sunset and it was really nice. First we sat in the sun and looked out over the frozen lake and the woods. Then we skied some more and then assistant had sauna and a shower and we all had a nap before dinner.

I liked the dinner. We sat with people we had never met before and had good food and good conversation. I like that. After dinner we were really tired and went to sleep.

Next morning we woke up to sun and it was really quiet in the forest. Breakfast was home made bread and buns and we all ate well.

It is easy to find our way in the woods since there are so many tracks and they all have signs to tell us where we are going.

Since the day was so nice we took a long route home. It was over frozen lakes and over hills as well. We came to many pretty places and it was a lovely day.I could see that we were not the only anipals in the woods...there were tracks everywhere. I think we might have been the only stuffed ones.
We all sat in the back pack of the assistant a lot. That was not so clever when we went down hills and she fell over all the time. It was steep and only a very narrow track. The snow had an ice cover on top so it was hard for her to steer and to stop too. So many trees gave little room of maneuver and falling was inevitable...  We stayed safe though.

Many people were out enjoying the woods and I can tell you that the people were happy.
And the bears too. 


  1. that dus be mayzin barkly an yoo wos verry gud on yor skees. i likes seein th sno an th forrist but likes it bestist wivowt th sno. dus they stil av th buns in th summa

  2. I love it...what a special place.You looked great on the skis too.Thanks so much for posting.Pasihuggggs

  3. Looks like a beary beautiful place! We don't ski, but we do like to ice skate and play hockey. We hope you have enough hot chocolate on hand in case you get more snow storms!

  4. oh oh oh that is wundahful berkeley i luff th cabin nd i luff yur likkle skis! fank yew soo mutch fur sharin ths adventyure wif us

  5. What a beautiful place. You're so lucky to go there. I wonder if I could ski? Then again, I don't like snow. MOL I love your little skis.

  6. What a bootiful trip you haz my look very tirin tho....i am just stayin at ome and doin napping....

  7. Happy Easter Berkeley and everyone from Jerry and Ben!