Sunday, 23 June 2013

Holiday with Henry

Dear friends. You know that my bestist friend Henry (@henryandfriends) visited me and we did a road trip in Norway....that is where I live. If you don't know that Henry was here and we went on a road trip you can see it here.

We started in Oslo and drow to the foot of the mountains. On the way we stopped and looked at some drawings that were made by early humans ....since they were made in the rocks they have a funny name. Petroglyphs... I think.
We stayed in a little garden shed for the night...that is what Henry called it. I would call it a little cabin, but form know on it is a garden shed I think.

To get to the fjords we had to cross the mountains. Henry really wanted to see fjords and I like the West Coast a we crossed the mountain. Henry were surpriced to see ice on the lakes in June, but it was about to break up and melt.

It is always a steep trip from the mountains to the west coast. The mountains seems to stop and we felt dropped at sea level in no time at all. I was really happy to be by the fjords and our first meeting with the sea was in a place called Lærdal.

 On the west coast we had to go on ferries a lot. The roads ends in a harbour and a ferry. On board the ferries they make cakes and we had cakes every time we crossed a fjord. The longest ferry ride we did was more than two hours and it was really pretty. It was in the is the longest fjord here on earth. We sat outside nearly all the time and looked at the landscape and the little places that had no roads to them. It looked really peaceful to live there and we wondered if they had intertwitter so they could talk with their friends all over the world....

One night we slept in out tent and had a fier in the evening
A little place we saw from the ferry in Nærøyfjord

We traveld from Sognefjord to Hardangerfjord. In Hardangerfjord they grow a lot of apples and we visited Ulvik and spent the night there. The sunset was really beautiful
Since there are glaciers in the mountains and the hill sides are steep there are a lot of running water everywhere. We stopped and looked at two really big waterfalles. Here is one of them
After a few days on the west coast and by the fjords we had to turn around and go home. This time we crossed the mountains to the south of the plateau. We had lunch looking out onto a frozen lake and all the snow in the mountains and then cam to Telemark. In Telemark there are many beautiful old farms and people take good care of their traditions.
We stayed two nights in the mountains in Telemark and had lovely weather and went for walks. We made a fire and barbequed some hot dogs and had a great time. We were gald no real bears came around.....

Henry really wanted to see a whale and a moose, but he didn't see any. We heard a whale in a fjod as it came up to breath, and I saw one when I went with the assistant to fish.
We saw a lot of beautiful nature and I am sure Henry is more happy for what he saw than unhappy for what he didn't see.

On the way home I could show Henry the stave church I wrote about a few months ago. We had already seen two stave churches, but this one is the biggest one in Norway.

It was really good to go on road trip with Henry and show him some of my country. It is a beautiful country for the once that like nature...and Henry does. 


  1. it dus be egsakly as i remba it barkly an eevun tho i dint see th wayls an moosis it wos stil th bestist oliday an rode trip evva.

    it dus trooly be wun of th mowst bewtiful playsis on th erf ware yoo liv an i luvs it ther like yoo dus.

    wen we wins th lottry we wil av owsis by th feeord an av soopa farst intnet aswel

  2. Oh my,what a wonderful holiday.The land is magnificent as your good pictures show.I especially love the beautiful church.I think Henry will always remember his dear friend,Berkeley and his beautiful homeland

  3. Wot a pawsome place you be livin in Berkeley my pal...I wud give my right paw for an oliday wiv you an Enry.....I am very appy to see you bofe togevver and enjoyin yore time....

  4. What a pawsome holiday you had. I love all the pictures you post. You do live in a very beautiful place.

  5. that atmosphere, that nature ... simply beautiful ... Mount Telemark, then when it is in the company of a friend is even better .... spectacular cathedrals of wood ..

  6. What a grand adventure! That wooden church looks really interesting!