Monday, 9 September 2013

Reporting from National elections in Norway

Today is election day in Norway. People, and one bear, are voting for a new parliament and maybe a new government. Today several parties are in government and they are Labour party and some other ones.
Maybe tomorrow we will have a different government with the Conservatives and some other ones.

But first of all it is important that the weather is good on election day and today we had sun nearly all over the country I think. We had 20 degrees Centigrade in Oslo so people could go out to vote.

It is interesting that democracy is so dependent on weather....

I voted at a school not so far from where I live. The pupils at the
school like election day because they get the day off.
I was there when the polling station opened and a nice man came out and read some words and declared the polling station for open.

The I went in and was pointed to a little booth with a curtain I could draw. Inside were all the list on the parties I could vote for.

Me and all the people are voting to fill 169 seats in the parliament. The King will ask the biggest party if they want to form a government, or he might ask the biggest block of parties to the left or right if he thinks the biggest party can not find friends to rule with.
 I found a list and folded it over so that no one could see what I voted.

The some people had decided that I could take part in a referendum if Norway are to host the Winter Olympics in 2022. I made up an opinion about it too and ticked a box and folded the paper over so no one knows what I know I ticked.

 When I had folded both papers over I went to some nice ladies on the outside of the booth and got the white boxes on my papers stamped and then I put them in the box. And that was my voting.

Now I sit and watch television to see if my vote is there.

I will tell you what we all voted tomorrow when all the votes are counted. 


  1. How exciting. Voting here isn't exciting. Mom gets the ballot in the mail, fills it out, and mails it back. Boring.

  2. Glad you're voting Berkeley! Papa has to vote in person, but then he gets a little sticker that says "I VOTED" and he gives it to us to wear.

  3. What fun!! I've been taken to Vote before too!! I like colouring in the boxes!!!

  4. Hmmmm...i wuz prtitty sure i had commented here befaw Berkeley my pal....but i dussnt see it...anyhoo...i be ere now to see wot you been doin