Sunday, 15 December 2013

A Sunday in December

...that is today...that Sunday in December.

I just wanted to tell you what I did today. We visited some family that lives a little drive away and it was a nice drive. The sun is really really low theses days so I saw some pretty landscape during our drive.
It was a nice visit with family and I got cake and icecream too. After the party we stopped by IKEA. Assistant dreads it, but since it is Sunday and we were there about dinner time it was quiet and all came out sane. In Norway the shops are only open on Sundays in December. The rest of the year they are closed on Sundays. We had dinner there since they had "stick meat". That is dried and cured lamb ribs steamed on birch twigs.

I felt like a lucky bear that got to eat with my assistant, some had to wait in the trolly.
On our way out we saw a very nice ginger bread village and we bought gingerbread dough so we can make some our self.

Then we went home and made some tea and lit a few candles and agreed that it had been a good day.


  1. Well I must say, Stick Meat sounds delicious! Glad you had a good day. I quite like Ikea.

  2. It sounds like it was a very good day, Berkeley!

  3. Sounds lik a lovely day...oh I just love your bloggs xxx Pasihugggggs

  4. o wow barkly wot a grayt day yoo ad an yoo wos al brayv gowin to eykeeya on a sundy i finks but avin th stik lam wos werf it. i ope th bear dint get left in th trolly an i looks forwud to seein wot yoo mayks wiv th jinja bred.