Friday, 18 April 2014

Friends and Easter

Hello. I am nibbling on the Easter chocolate my friend Jeremy Bear ( ) sent me and I am having a cup of tea too. Enne, who came to live with us form Fuzzy Bear (@) and Henrietta joined me. We share a love for chocolate...

While we are sitting here and having a good time I thought I should tell them about my trip to England and the friends I have there.

I was in England in March and I had a great time. I met my friends and that is the bestist thing I know. Clapton (@claptontarrier), Tim and Julie and I met at a restaurant in London called The Goat. I took great care to make sure there were no real goats there before I got in.... goats eats everything...even small bears and particularly the chocolate they bring their friends as a treat.

There were no goats and I think Clapton was quite interested in the chocolate.

It was really nice to meet Clapton. He is very funny and friendly and we got on really well. And it was really nice to see Tim and Julie too. They are friends I have had for a long time and it is always so nice to see them and spend time with them.
Clapton and me and...fizzy water in the background...

Since I was in London I did a few of the things I like bestist in London. That is going on the bus and sit upstairs, traveling on the Underground when people are at work.... and having tea at Fortnum and Mason's. I like other things too, but the assistant won't fund it.

I like tea at Brown's or Ritz, I would like a chauffeur driven Bentley and staying at a fancy hotel in Mayfair or there about. I am working on the funding and when I get there I will invite my friends because everything becomes nicer with friends I think. 

I was in England for a long time and I spent some days with Henry (@henryandfriends). We explored small villages, roundabouts and we found a lovely town called  Hitchin.... that Henry pronounced Itching..... So we had a good scratch..
Me and Henry in (H)itching

 I also met my colleague Tour Guide Ted (@TourGuideTed) and he is the bestist travel adviser I know. He has been all over and even done some floor tiling in Florida. I had a great time with him and he knows a lot about the world.
I really liked Ted's sweater too. He has style and a certain flair I would say.

I feel really lucky because I have friends that are so nice. And that my friends have time to spend with me. It makes me feel really good in my beans. ...

On a day trip to Cambridge I met someone who could have needed a friend ... It was a warm and lovely spring day and he was sitting there on his own.

I had a very nice time in England and I hope I will be back again soon to see my friends and enjoy the change of air. Now we have Easter break here and the sun is shining. It is nice to be home too and I am on my way to the summer cottage to help spring on it's way.

With a reindeer that was in our supermarket I with you all a Happy Easter *hugs*


  1. Yay! I must visit Itching too *scratch scratch scratch*

  2. Great blog as always Berkeley! Love that Henry calls Hitchin "itching" I will too from now on. Happy that you enjoyed your visit to England and hope to see you again. Have a great summer in the cottage!

  3. it wos grayt to see yoo agane barkly an i glad yoo ad funs in inglund. i did see ichin on telvishun larst week an fort bowt wen we wos ther

  4. I do be very appy yoo had chance to meet wiv Claptun Berkelee my do make my art warm to see yoo doin fings togevver...

  5. I love your bloggy !!!! lovely to see good friends xx