Saturday, 21 September 2013

Beyond the Acrtic Circle with Flat Marley

This week Flat Marley and I went to the far North of Norway. We stayed at an island called Andøya or Duck Island as it translates.We will show you a round a bit.
We are at the northern tip of the island and the lighthouse is the most northern point.

The lighthouse looks out into the Arctic sea and south across the island

I have made the first pictures so you can see the lighthouse, then you know where we are.
 Andøya has a town called Andenes and that is where we stayed. It has streets and lovely white beaches and nice people and a lovely bakery with a cafe.

Duck Island is known for midnight sun and Aurora Arborealis, which we call the Northern Lights.   And for whales and for rocket launchers.

If there is midnight sun  you can not see the Northern Lights (because it is light all night). There were no more midnight sun when we where there so we had high hopes for the Northern Lights.

Both me and Flat Marley liked the beaches a lot. We went for long walks and looked at birds (Marley wanted to play with them I think) and sea shells. I don't think the water was very warm... it never is in the Arctic.
We were not the only one who liked the beach...
This is two minutes walk form the main street...
There was a disco call duck disco, but we didn't go there.
One evening we went for a drive and looked at the mountains and lake too. Autumn colours where beautiful and we really liked it. Andøya is the third largest island in Norway and about 5000 humans lives there so it is not a busy place. It is a very calm, friendly and beautiful place. I think it is a special place 
I watched the sun set in the ocean.

We saw Northern Lights every evening and we agreed it was a great trip.


  1. Wow! A nice beach!

    And so interesting these Northern Lights!

  2. Hello Berkeley! It looks a wonderful place. I cannot imagine seeing the Northern Lights like that - wow!


  3. Oh my sweet friend...what a wonderful bog and amazing pictures xx Pasihuggs

  4. wot a grayt trip yoo ad barkly an yoo taykd th sunshines wiv yoo aswel. th duk eylund dus be a bewtiful playss an it wos egsytin to see yor pisher of th speshul lites aswel

    uggs from Henry

  5. Such beautiful photos! We hope to visit Norway one day.

  6. Eggsellent werk Barklee my pal....woz a sooper trip...fank for takin I